The Roadrunner Card




roadrunner-cardThe Roadrunner Card is Dalton State’s official photo ID card. All students – both full- and part-time – faculty, and staff must have a Roadrunner Card at all times while on campus. The Roadrunner Card is your passport on campus: with it, you can gain entry to Bandy Gymnasium and also check out books from the Roberts Library. What’s more, your Roadrunner Card can act as an on-campus debit card, making any campus purchases quick and easy. By depositing money into your Roadrunner Cash Account, which you can do online and on campus, you’ll be able to make secure purchases at:

  • Roadrunner Café
  • Bookstore
  • Select vending machines
  • Roberts Library (fines)
  • Printers/Copiers
  • Bursar’s Office (tuition, fees, housing, and parking fees)

And with every purchase you make with your Roadrunner Card, you can earn points in the Rage Rewards program! Your Roadrunner Card makes life on campus easier and more convenient for you. Questions?

Check out the Roadrunner Card FAQ and the How To’s page for more information.

Roadrunner Card

Roadrunner vs Refund Card

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